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Cafe Barriers

Product Highlights
Cafe Barriers
8 Different Styles
A style to suit all applications
Various Sizes
Enclose your patrons
Completely Customisable
Anything you want
Cafe Pro Umbrella - Temple Tea Co
Cafe Barriers are great to not just add that extra bit of flair to your cafe, but they are also a valuable safety tool closing off spaces to patrons and ensure that your area stays enclosed.

Over the years we have developed a range of different cafe barriers to suit all different types of needs and looks, and recently have even developed fully screened barriers that can be used to block out even more of the elements then traditionally possible.

They can be fully printed, either with digital printing (no limits) or with screen printing depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

Fast Facts

Robust steel frames
Ground socket compatible
Various sizes and styles
Completely customisable
Made in Melbourne
3 year guarantee included

Printing Capabilities

In House Production

In-House Production

Our barriers are made and printed in Melbourne, Australia.
In House Screen Printing

Screen Printing

In house screen printing allows precise outcomes for customers.
In House Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer

An effective method to print and apply complex logos and graphics.
In House Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Direct to fabric printing in house enables fast turn around times.
Cafe Barrier - Style 1

Style 1

Our original alfresco dining breeze barrier offers an art deco look with a nautical feel.

This market barrier is an old classic. The vinyl or canvas panel features eyelets around the edge and is secured into place with 5mm thick rope.

Available 900mm high and 1m or 2m wide.
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Cafe Barrier - Style 2

Style 2

Our first in a range of classic designs, using our exclusive proprietary curve sail-track method top and bottom.

The side wind pockets are designed to help stabilise the market barrier.

Available 900mm high and 1m or 2m wide.
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Cafe Barrier - Style 3

Style 3

The third style of our classic barrier series features vinyl or canvas panels that are fully secured on all 4 sides, resulting in a drum tight effect.

This market barrier is by far one of the most popular café barriers with our Melbourne and Sydney customers, as well as with other Australian customers.

Available 900mm high and 1m or 2m wide.
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Cafe Barrier - Style 4

Style 4 & 5

Our range of fully framed, aluminium café barriers for sale, brings elegance and style to your alfresco dining area. These barriers are constructed using our own custom extrusion process, which we call 'Coffex Extrusion'.

The extrusion allows us to stretch and staple the printed panels onto the market barrier on all four sides, allowing for a taught and wrinkle free finish.

NOTE: "Style 4" has round legs and "Style 5" has square legs.

Available 900mm high and 1m or 2m wide.
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Cafe Barrier - Style 6

Style 6 & 7

This is the newest addition to our range and is designed to be OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) compatible. The all-aluminium frame results in a weight reduction of 25%, hence the name 'breeze barrier'.

The top and bottom bar is made using our own custom 'Coffex Extrusion' process, allowing us to offer our clients, unique café barriers for sale, you cannot find anywhere else in Melbourne, Sydney or across Australia.

NOTE: "Style 6" has round legs and "Style 7" has square legs.

Available 900mm high and 1m or 2m wide.
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Cafe Barrier - Style 8

Style 8

Our fully framed aluminium wind barrier gives customers comfort all year round, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Available 1.5m, 1.7m or 2.0m high and 1m or 2m wide.
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