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Frequent Questions

About The Product

General information about Apex Umbrellas
What can I print onto my Umbrella?
Anything you like. We have  range of different processes that allow us to print anything you need on an umbrella - text, images, photos, logos, etc. All are fine.
How do I Secure my umbrella in wind?
We have a range of different base options, from standard umbrella bases, to concrete bases, to in-ground sockets that allow the umbrellas to withstand winds up to 160km/h
Will Umbrella fade?
We use the highest quality acrylic canvas on our umbrellas, along with high quality screen print inks and UV stable digital inks. The canvas comes with a 3 year guarantee, the same for the screen printing, and the digital inks have a 1 year no significant fade guarantee. 
How much wind can Umbrella take?
The weakest link will always be what gives way first. Our umbrellas are engineered to take winds between 100 and 160km/h, but they need to be secured properly. This is why we always recommend the use of our in-ground socket.
How long is the warranty?
The Cafe Pro range comes with a 3 year guarantee on the frame and fabric, and the Wind Rated range comes with a 3 year guarantee on the fabric, and 10 years on the frames.
How do I get a price?
There are quite a few considerations to make when buying and umbrella and we always like to work with our clients to educate them on what would be the best choice for them. 

For this reason, to get a quotation please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will advise you as to the costing to do that. 

Customer Service

We take pride in what we do.
If I call you what should I expect?
You should expect someone else on the end of the line that is ready to help educate, explain, advise, and assist you in any way you need.

We are committed to 10/10 service with every single client – because we’re only in business because of YOU.
If I make an inquiry, how soon should I expect a response?
Our team will get in touch with you within 24 business hours.
What are your open hours?
We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM AEST

Graphics & Pre-Production

This is how we make you look amazing.
How can I customise my Umbrella?
There are no limits in what you can put on your umbrella - but different printing methods have different lifespans. Please discuss with us your expectations so we can advise the best solution.
Do you care about what I print on my Umbrella?
Nothing makes us more proud than going to an event or cafe and seeing our umbrellas out and about.

This means, we don’t just want you sell you an umbrella and that's that, but we genuinely care about what you print because we want to you be blown away every time you set up by how amazing your umbrella looks.

Really. We do.
Does any printing start before I approve artwork?
Never. We don’t start printing anything until your 100% satisfied with the design you’re signing off on.
I have unique colours that I need to match - is that possible?
Yes most certainly but to achieve the best result we would need to do colour sampling and test prints. This will add some time to the lead time.


Behind the scenes, our team work tirelessly
How quickly can An Umbrella be manufactured?
All of our umbrellas are made to order. Accordingly, there will always be some lead time with any order and that lead time varies depending on what our work load looks like at the time. 

If you have a specific event or deadline that you require the umbrellas for, you are best to contact us to query what the current manufacturing lead time is. 
If I have a really tight deadline, can you help?
We have procedures in place to facilitate expedited manufacturing.

Because every situation is different, please call us on 1300 62 18 62 to discuss the exact date you require the wrap, and we’ll work out how make it happen for you.


Getting your umbrella into your hands
Do you deliver Australia wide?
Yes. Everyday we dispatch umbrellas across all of Australia.

Our umbrellas have been sent everywhere in Australia from Cape York to Port Hedland, from Arnhemland to Hobart, and from Norfolk Island to Margaret River.
Can I pick up?
Sure! Our warehouse is located in Bayswater Victoria, and you can most definitely pick up your new umbrella​ from there.
How quickly do you dispatch orders?
We have collections every day from our warehouse so once your order is finished, it will ship out extremely quickly.
How long does delivery take?
Our standard freight services takes the following days:

- Melbourne (1-2)
- Sydney (2-3)
- Adelaide (2-3)
- Brisbane (3-4)
- Perth (4-5)
- Add on a couple extra days extra for regional locations near those cities
- Overnight services available Australia wide at an additional cost.
Do you have overnight freight?
Yes. We’ve sent pallet loads of umbrellas from Melbourne to Darwin before.
Do you deliver to residential addresses?
Because we use couriers, they generally require a signature to receive the goods.

We can deliver to residential addresses, but we request an “Authority To Leave”.
What happens if no one is available to receive the delivery?
Your umbrella​ will be taken back to the couriers local depot and will be available for you to collect.

Alternatively, if you choose, we can re-deliver the consignment for a small fee.
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